Two jailed after using girl, 16, as honeytrap to carry out baseball attack


Two men have been jailed after assaulting a man with baseball bats after he was lured into a house by a 16-year-old girl who acted as a ‘honeytrap’.

Adeel Abbas, 26, and Richard Bereczki, 21, used the teenager to entice the victim to meet at a house where they tied him up in a cellar and beat him up. The girl, who cannot be named, had been speaking to the 25-year-old victim over Snapchat and invited him to the home in Batley, West Yorkshire, on May 30 last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard how she asked him to go upstairs into a bedroom, where he was cornered by Abbas and Bereczki and two other men who were all armed with baseball bats. The court heard how the teenager locked the door before the ‘sustained’ and ‘brutal’ assault, which left the victim covered in blood and with a fractured leg.

The victim had his wrists bound with cord and was told he was going to be taken to the moors. Prosecutor Christopher Dunn said the victim was taken outside and was about to be bundled into the back of a car but managed to escape and found help from a passing motorist who saw him covered in blood, wearing just a pair of jogging bottoms.

Mr Dunn said the victim told police what had happened to him during the incident but he was too frightened to name his attackers. He eventually identified Abbas and Bereczki after being given assurances by detectives that he would be protected.

The attackers, both from Batley, had a dispute with the victim over drugs and intended to take him to the moors. Judge Simon Phillips QC said: ‘This was a sustained and brutal assault. There was deliberate targeting of a vulnerable victim who was trapped in a locked house, having been lured there.

‘You intended to cause him more serious harm. You intended to take him to the moors. He was fearful as to what was going to happen to him. You orchestrated this attack.’

The teenage girl pleaded guilty to false imprisonment.

Mr Dunn said: ‘The prosecution case against her is that she was the honeytrap. The lure to get (the victim) to the house where he was brutally assaulted, and that is what happened.

‘The prosecution accepted that she did not know it was going to happen. She was very young and naive.’

The teenager, now aged 17, was made the subject of a 12-month supervision order. The victim provided a statement to the court in which he described how he was unable to find work and could no longer play sport due to his injuries.

He added that he continues to live in fear of the people who attacked him.

Abbas said he was sorry for what he did and was jailed for nine years. Bereczki was jailed for seven years after admitting wounding with intent.

Detective Inspector Mark Catney said: ‘This was a very serious offence in which the victim was held against his will and subjected to a prolonged period of violence in what must have been a terrifying experience.

‘Fortunately he was able to flee his attackers and seek help from a member of the public, bringing the incident to a close.

‘I am pleased these individuals have been sentenced today for what was a display of utter lawlessness in which some serious injuries were inflicted upon the victim.’